• on 20th November, 2015

Website Of The Week

There is still a whole month before Christmas … maybe Santa might come early this year. But as always there has to be a lot of preparations, the house, the decorations, the presents … and the FOOD. But aren’t we leaving something out? How do we prepare our souls? How do we get our “selves” (not our elves) ready for the wonderful time of year?

The spiritual time of preparation for Christmas is called “Advent” and here are a few websites that might give some ideas of how to make this time a real spiritual time and some helpful hints of things to do with the family to put the Christ back into Christmas.

It is going to be hard to beat this list:

http://adrielbooker. com/family-advent-activities-christmas-countdown-fun/

and here you will find ideas on how to make your advent wreath:

https://www. catholiccompany.com/getfed/the-advent-wreath-tradition-meaning/

but above all here is a website that gives a prayerful preparation for each Sunday of advent… don’t miss it

http://www. ignatianspirituality.com/advent

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