• on 4th December, 2015

Website Of The Week

Yes the Christmas time of year has just descended upon us and all our traditions kick in … trees are being sourced, turkeys have gone on diets, puddings are being mooted, cards are been written and presents are being imagined. But what does it all mean? Where do all these traditions come from? In this week’s. WOWS we can offer some websites that might remind us why we do what we do at Christmas …Questions are asked and answered at this website


How is Christmas celebrated in other countries? You might want to know


You might want to brush up on your Christmas hymns and Carols.


Above all you might just want to make this a beautiful spiritual Christmas, you might want to have some spiritual reading and spiritual thoughts that will help you discover the spiritual beauty of this special time : try this website it has thoughts and reflections prayers and poems that will enrich your soul.


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