• on 5th May, 2016

Website Of The Week: 8th May 2016

WOW: There are several important feast days in the Church. We all know that Easter is the most important… few know that Pentecost is the next in line.  It is also known as Whit Sunday or Whitsun …. sometimes confused with White Sunday … but really mening “wit” … understanding, wisdom.  This feast is celebrated by all the large Christian denominations.

What the Catechism teaches on Pentecost can be found on one of this week’s WOW’s


On this link you get some more contextual information:





Francis Frase:

“Peace be with you!” (Jn 20:21) is the greeting of Jesus to his disciples; this same peace awaits men and women of our own day. It is not a negotiated peace, it is not the absence of conflict: it is his peace, the peace that comes from the heart of the Risen Lord, the peace that has defeated sin, fear and death. It is a peace that does not divide but unites; it is a peace that does not abandon us but makes us feel listened to and loved; it is a peace that persists even in pain and enables hope to blossom. This peace, as on the day of Easter, is born ever anew by the forgiveness of God which calms our anxious hearts. To be bearers of his peace: this is the mission entrusted to the Church on Easter day. In Christ, we are born to be instruments of reconciliation, to bring the Father’s forgiveness to everyone, to reveal his loving face through concrete gestures of mercy.

Pope Francis: 3rd April 2016, Divine Mercy Sunday

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