• on 28th April, 2016

Website Of The Week/Francis Frase 28/04/2016

The month of May is upon us. Summer is in the air … well it is supposed to be.  Summer is sharing the air with the hailstones and the cold weather. But there is a lot going on in the Church with the great solemnities of Ascension, Pentecost, Corpus Christi… as well as the first communions. It is of course also the month dedicated to the Blessed Mother. Let’s see what websites might help us educate ourselves in all these events and maybe assist us in the formation of the younger members of the community.

Our own diocesan website has great suggestions about the celebration of the Marian month of May, it has power point presentation, ideas for May Altar …  and it redirects you to other interesting websites.


The feast of the Ascension is a special occasion for us in Balally as this is the title feast of our Church. An orthodox website explains an icon of the Ascension


But if you want the whole explanation of the Solemnity including some of the modern controversies about how the Ascension took place no better website than


It even includes the quote from C.S. Lewis’s book “God in the Dock” …  well worth a visit.


Francis Frase:

Dear Young Friends ……. I know that you are capable of acts of great friendship and goodness. With these you are called to build the future, together  with others and for others, but never against anyone! One never builds “against”; this is called “destruction”. You will do amazing things if you prepare well, starting now, by living your youth and all its gifts to the fullest and without fear of hard work. Be like sporting champions, who attain high goals by quiet daily effort and practice. Let your daily programme be the works of mercy. Enthusiastically practice them, so as to be champions in life, champions in love! In this way you will be recognized as disciples of Jesus. In this way, you will have the identification card of the Christian. And I promise you: your joy will be complete.

Pope Francis: To Young People, 24th April 2016

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