• on 27th August, 2016

"What We've Got Here Is Failure To Communicate"

In a fine article for September 2016 “Reality” magazine, David O’Donoghue argues that one of the reasons why younger Irish people have abandoned the Catholic faith is that the Catholic Church has been unable to present the true nature of Catholicism and these people now have a completely untrue understanding of Catholicism from sources/forces outside the Catholic church. The words of Paul Newman, in Cool Hand Luke, spring to mind “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate“.

In summary, he argues as follows;

  1. Young Ireland’s arguments against Catholicism have almost nothing to do with Catholic teachings
  2. This dichotomy is particularly prevelant when it comes to Young Ireland understanding of Science and Catholicism
  3. Young Ireland believes the Catholic Church is Anti-Science
  4. Of course, this is completely untrue; the Catholic Church has initiated, embraced and incorporated scientific  evidence
  5. The Theory Of Evolution and Climate Change are other examples of Young Ireland’s complete mis-understanding of Catholicism
  6. The Catholic Church has failed to communicate its teachings in the areas of climate change and social justice which, if communicated, would resonate powerfully with Young Ireland
  7. The vacuum of nil/mis-communication has created space for untruths to spread among Young Ireland
  8. The nil/mis-communication has occured due to the Catholic Church’s pre-occupation with a more socially conscious image
  9. The continuum of untruth will continue until a new, dialogue-communication, between both sides, is established


Purchase/subscribe to Reality magazine here.

Read further from David O’Donoghue here.

Cool Hand Luke, a brilliant film, with Christian themes (see if you can spot them) is available for free here.

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