• on 13th February, 2023

Youth Loft Update: 13th February 2023

Youth Loft Update: 13th February 2023

In accordance with the Church’s new mission to be a monastery without walls, we have
created and launched the new Youth Loft! I believe that to be a monastery without walls, we
must extend our welcome to every member of the community, even the youngest.
Last Sunday we saw the blessing and reveal of the Church’s new Youth Loft. When I first
arrived in Balally, I looked around at the parish and thought, something is missing. Where is the
space where children feel is for them? Where is the space where they can belong?
And so the idea of the Youth Loft was born. We will begin using this space on a Sunday morning
after mass by hosting a short Story Time for young kids. Parents are welcome to join their
children in the loft, or collect them after having a cup of tea from the coffee dock following mass.
During this story time, we will read stories that pertain to Christianity, as well as books with
messages that pertain to the love of Christ.
In partnership with Queen of Angels Primary School and St. Olafs National School, we
hope to use this room as another space where the kids can come for meetings and activities. In
time, we hope that there will be a fair amount of children from the confirmation classes we are
working with, who would want to begin a kind of youth group in the church. We know that any
sort of ministry with Children takes time, and therefore this would be a goal of the next few
years. We now have a space where this is possible. I would like to believe that the possibilities
of this room are endless, and that in God’s timing, we will work to develop meaningful
relationships with families and young people who would be willing to come to our church
because of this room and the message that it sends. To see a space like this is to know that
children and young people are not only welcome here, but truly belong. They will make this
Church a richer and more beautiful image of the Gospel.
My ultimate hope is that this church would extend the all encompassing hospitality of
Christ, and that every child – regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, socioeconomic status, and
ability – would feel welcome and loved within these walls.


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