• on 6th January, 2017

YouTube Converts To Catholicism!

Is it really possible that a YouTube video could have a significant role in the conversion of an atheist to Catholicism? Well, despite the seeming impossibility of a social-media inspired religious transformation it would appear that, when it comes to the work of our Lord, nothing is impossible.

Bishop Robert Barron has a social-media/Internet ministry called “Word On Fire“. This ministry’s goal is to spread the Word of God to people who would never, in a million years, go through the doors of a Church. One of the modes of his ministry are short, direct and intellectual YouTube video broadcasts. Two days ago, 4th January 2017, he noticed a comment  on one of his many YouTube videos, it was from a former atheist who has recently decided to undertake instruction in the Catholic faith (RCIA). Here’s the comment;
“Thanks Bishop! I’m a former New Atheist/Nihilist who just started Catholic RCIA thanks to individuals like yourself, WLC, Edward Feser, Frank Turek, Lennox, etc. who took the Christian fight to the front lines of the internet. I can’t express the depth of my gratitude in text, but if all of the Christian intellectuals stayed in their places of worship I’d still be in my despair. God bless!”
Please include this person in your prayers, so that he might complete his RCIA, live his life excellently and fulfill his true vocation as a disciple of Jesus!
And, don’t stop there, convert (or re-convert) yourself by watching some of Bishop Barron’s videos here;
…..his latest output is a treatise on The Theology of Homer Simpson!

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