Choose Life 2018 #11: Emma's Feminism
Emma Sisk, a young Irish woman, suggests that abortion is incompatible with feminism and explains that the founders of the early feminist movement were strong pro-life advocates….
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Two Lives, One Love: Choose Life 2018
Please see below key points from the submission of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference to the Citizens’ Assembly on the topic of the Eighth Amendment.  The full text, which follows [...]
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Choose Life 2018 #5: The Mother's Day Edition
The Mother’s Day edition of ‘Choose Life 2018’ is now out….with Cliona’s beautiful story of everlasting love with John Paul, her child, who survived for only seventeen minutes outside her [...]
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Choose Life 2018 #5
Newsletter #5 now available, with Luke’s story.
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Choose Life 2018 #3
Issue #3 of ‘Choose Life 2018’ is now available; Sarah’s Story “I have always been pro-life but I remember the day I wholeheartedly promised to always stand up for the [...]
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Choose Life 2018 #1
A short newsletter, which facilitates deliberation on the value of human life, will be published over the coming months. Issue number one, where you can read about Kathleen Harkin, who [...]
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Understand Truth. Love Both.
Brothers and sisters I encourage you to be missionaries for the cause of life. Remember those words of Pope Francis: “To serve human life is to serve God”. Speak to [...]
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