Sunday Mass

The Mass in Balally Church

“I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Mt 28:20). This promise of Christ never ceases to resound in the Church as the fertile secret of her life and the wellspring of her hope. As the day of Resurrection, Sunday is not only the remembrance of a past event: it is a celebration of the living presence of the Risen Lord in the midst of his own people. – DIES DOMINI 31

Balally Church was built for one purpose: the celebration of the Eucharist. It’s architecture wished to express the coming together of the community to listen to the Word of God, receive the Bread of Life and to commit to a Christian life. Year after year, Sunday after Sunday Mass has been celebrated in Balally. Parishioners can avail of Mass at 10.00 or at 12.00. After Masses families and friends gather in the Parish Centre to have a cuppa and to enjoy each other’s company as believers.

  1. The 10.00 Mass highlights the family dimension of the celebration of the Eucharist. A Family Mass team helps to prepare and coordinate this Mass and often the children who are preparing for the sacraments have special roles . The Reader’s Club and the Altar Server’s Club do their ministry in this Mass and seasonally the Junior Choir participates.
  2. The 12.00 Mass is a solemn Mass with the participation of the Parish choir, liturgical readers, and Eucharistic Ministers.
  3. Every day (except Thursday) there is Mass at 10.00 which echoes the Sunday Celebration and brings the community together to hear the Word of God and to be the prayerful voice of those who are at work, in hospital or at school. The Rosary is prayed before Mass. On Mondays the Consecration to the Miraculous Medal is prayed and on Fridays the Mass is followed by a half hour of Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction.
  4. On Feast days that fall on working days there are Masses at 19.30 on the vigil of the feast day (the day before the feast day) then 10.00 Mass and a special 13.10 Mass which was devised to offer the Mass on working days.
  5. Oftentimes Parishioners ask for specific intentions (Month’s Mind, anniversaries, birthday, health intentions, thanksgiving etc.) to be prayed for at Mass. Within the context of the Solemn Sacrifice all the parishioners are being asked to join in prayer for those intentions. These anniversaries and intentions are booked through the Parish Office.


For a full explanation of the importance and meaning of Sunday Mass we recommend the Apostolic Letter “DIES DOMINI” of Saint John Paul II.

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