• on 25th November, 2018

Fr. Lane Update, November 2018: Alive And Well In California + Lobbying For Climate Change

Dear Colleagues,

Special greetings from California where at last the wildfires have come
under control and daily life is now returning to normality. Last week all
classes, meetings and services were closed down because the air quality was
classified as “unhealthy” and we were encouraged to “stay indoors”.

I am taking the liberty of forwarding to you an email from Lorna Gold
(Trocaire) on behalf of the *Laudato si* Group. The email suggests that we
should be lobbying our TD’s on climate change at a meeting on 5th December
in Boswell’s hotel.

The inactivity of the Irish government is staggering in relation to climate
change: its failure to meet the 2020 commitments on climate change signed
up to in the Paris Agreement (2015), no increase in the carbon tax or
incentives for retrofitting in the recent budget. We are piling up
ecological debris and serious economic problems for the next generation.

I know it’s easy for me to be making recommendations like these from the
safe distance of the US. Further, I’m conscious that the numbers in BEG
have declined. One possibility might be to link up with Shankill Parish
Climate Group via Justin Kilcullen.

I hesitated in my own mind as to whether I should send this to you or not.
However, I felt you should know at least what others are doing.

I hope this note finds you all well.

With best wishes and Advent greetings

———- Forwarded message ———
Dear All,

That is super news regarding Bishop Leahy’s blessing for our participation
in the hustings… we were right to push the boat out a little!

– Below I have included an email template for you to invite all your own
contacts to come

– I have been in touch with SCC to ask for a table for us. I still need
confirmation – but we will find a spot in any case.
– We need to notify Veritas how many copies of LS we need and what their
best price is – and delivery on the day. I think we should ask for a 100.
(Kate? Vivek?)
– I will print out LS pledge sheets for us to use. It might be nice if
we had the green bands too – I’ll ask GCCM if any can be sent to us.
– I’ll send this email out to all who attended and were invited to the
LS day on the 29th September.

Dear friend,

The challenge of tackling climate change and lowering our emissions is
urgent and involves us all. We all need to act together and raise our
voices in the political arena. As Pope Francis says in Laudato Sí:

“In the absence of pressure from the public and from civic institutions,

political authorities will always be reluctant to intervene,

all the more when urgent needs must be met.”

– Pope Francis, Laudato Sí

We must build pressure! That is why the Laudato Sí Working Group will be
participating in the forthcoming *Citizens’ Lobby Day Climate Change*
on *Wednesday
5th December in Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street,** Dublin*. The day is
organised by Stop Climate Chaos Coalition on behalf of a wide group of
concerned citizens.

We will have a table for faith-based groups attending, with information and
advice to help you prepare to meet your TD. We will also be inviting TDs to
sign the Laudato Sí pledge and presenting them with a copy of Laudato Sí as
a gift.

If you would like to come to this day, please follow the instructions below
and register. Don’t worry if your TD does not come back with a specific
time – once you have made contact simply get their phone number and link up
on the day. The important thing is that they know you are coming and
engaged! Stop Climate Chaos will work to coordinate all the various
requests to TDs and send you a time slot.

*You absolutely don’t need to be an expert in any of the policy detail –
there will be many people from Trócaire, Friends of the Earth and others
available to support you. You just need to bring your passion for climate
action (and your children, family, neighbours, friends!) on the 5th!*

With every good wish and look forward to seeing you there,

The Laudato Sí Working Group


You can register here: *https://www.stopclimatechaos.ie/takeaction

Step 1: You will firstly be asked for your details and what time you can be
in Buswells on the 5th.

Step 2: You will then be asked to email your TD inviting them to meet you
in Buswells.

Closer to the 5th December, our friends in Stop Climate Chaos will send you
a list of the times your TDs are available. They may not all be available
at the time that suits you, so you can make a decision on what time to come
to Buswells.

This is an opportunity for you to ask your TDs whether they are personally
willing to give political leadership on this issue, and if so, how. *And if
not, why not? *

*Can you share this email with any of your audiences that would be
interested in attending? 100 constituents have already registered so it’s
going to be a big event!*

Register now: *https://www.stopclimatechaos.ie/takeaction

*Picture by courtesy of AP.*

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