• on 13th September, 2017

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 12th September, 2017

Begorrah, things have begun to speed up in the parish. People organising
coffee mornings for the Hospice, people fund raising for education in
Africa, “Gamblers Anonymous” having an open evening ….. just a few of the
events that have taken place over the last while. But that’s not the half
of it; the Family Mass Team had their meeting to organise the liturgy, the
Readers club had their first meeting, the Confirmation Club explored ways
to make the confirmation year a special time for confirmation families.

There were informal gatherings between the Sandyford Parish and Balally

Indeed, the summer is over and our parish is up and running.

It is important to inform the community that there was a meeting between
the school principals, the teachers who will teach the sacramental classes
and the Parish Team. Last year’s sacramental programme was reviewed and the
calendar of events for this year was agreed upon as well as the dates of
the sacraments (which will be published in the near future). A lot of
coordination is required and we are blessed with excellent teachers in our

You will begin to notice some of the classes coming to Mass in preparation
for the sacraments, there will be new art work on the walls and as always
we will be welcoming the children into their spiritual home.

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