• on 17th January, 2019

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 16th January, 2019

Not alone was the hospitality group back in full swing but all the other
teams, groups and ministries got into gear for 2019 season.

The Baptism team organized a special Mass for all the babies baptised
during the 2018 and it was a great occasion to welcome back the families
and children who are now members of our community. The whole congregation
held candles as the baptismal promises were renewed and then were sprinkled
with the Holy Water. At the Family Mass the symbols of baptism were carried
into Church and explained to us so that we could all remember the beauty
and wonder of our own baptism. The whole team celebrated together over a
meal and chatted about future developments in the ministry.

The Funeral team has been called on repeatedly to help grieving families on
funeral days. Many visitors to the Parish express particular gratitude for
the way people are received and the dignity with which the team assist the
Requiem Mass.

The Readers club had their first meeting of 2019 with a new member and
there were also meetings of the extended parish team, the Confirmation Club
(to organize Cushions and Cakes)

After a long wait the new sacristy sign-in book arrived. This is all part
of our Child Safeguarding best policy plan. This book, which keeps a record
of those who assist in the sacristy, is kept for 25 years and is signed by
priests, altar servers, sacristans and anyone directly responsible for the
liturgy. The Parish Pastoral Council insisted that it be put in place.

And yes, the Crib was taken down on the Monday and Christmas was officially
ended after all the excitement and joy we are back into Ordinary Time (the
time when the Sundays are counted) also known as the green season, or the
season of hope.

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