• on 17th October, 2017

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 17th October, 2017: "I Love You"

Ophelia tried to steal the limelight but she couldn’t overshadow important
events that happened this week in the Parish.

On Saturday Bill and Alice Sutherland celebrated their golden jubilee
surrounded by family and friends. The Mass was beautiful, finishing with a
reflection by Alice and Bill about how the words “I love you” grow in depth
with the passing of time. The Parish Centre Team then served a lovely meal.

Saturday indeed was busy as hundreds of families from Sandyford came in the
evening for the confirmation commitment Mass. This sharing of spaces and
resources is one of the benefits of the clustering of Balally and Sandyford
parishes. Fr. Aaron celebrated the Mass.

The voices of members of the Parish Pastoral Council were heard loud and
clear at the Sunday liturgies as they reminded all parishioners of the
importance of Child-Safeguarding and the pursuit of best practices in this

At the 11.30 Mass beautiful musical harmonies evoked memories of John Ryan
as his family gathered for his Month’s Mind.

Sunday was also the day chosen for a follow up meeting of a task force
from Balally and Sandyford who are putting together a plan for the World
Day of Families (August 2018). A plan will soon be presented to the

Although several events in the Parish were postponed (even a funeral) we
can gladly report that no major damage was done by the storm. However many
parishioners expressed sympathy and offered prayers for the three people
killed elsewhere in the country.

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