• on 1st May, 2018

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 1st May, 2018

The Parish Pastoral Council met again to discuss the on going events in the
Parish, to look towards the future and give voice to the concerns,
suggestions and commentaries of parishioners.

There was a general review of Lent and Easter and notes were taken for next
year’s liturgies. The implications of the new law on data protection was
discussed after a report was given by a member of the council who went to a
seminar on the theme.

The new law will imply a lot of work for our Parish Office and you will be
noticing some changes around the Parish in order to comply with this

The final draft of the letter to Pope Francis was approved and will be
available for signing on the Parish feast day of the Ascension and on

There was only one suggestion … but it was very good and will be taken on

Irish solution to an Irish problem
Everybody complains about the weather …. but nobody does anything about it.

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