• on 21st March, 2018

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 21st March, 2018

The First Confessions were had in the Parish in preparation for the First
Holy Communions. A crowded Church witnessed the boys and girls receive
their second
sacrament… enhanced by their artwork, their singing, and their
interpretation of the Gospel.
The Altar for St. Patrick’s day was decorated with light and shamrock
running from the altar down into the Church.
On Sunday morning several Good Samaritans turned up early to remove the
snow so that people would be safe getting into Church. It was a big battle
and as you can see … there is no snow left.
But again the Beast from the East was defeated by the determination of the
Balally community to keep the Church open and the Masses on. Altar society,
readers, Eucharistic ministers, choir and many more made sure that the
liturgy went ahead… which was particularly important for people who had
travelled long distances for the month’s mind and first anniversary that
were on this week. Indeed many turned up for the anointing at the 12.45
Many also followed the Masses on the webcam (it is even rumoured that some
were in PJ’s …) which has been shown to be of great value these days. The
WebCam service was used again by family members in New Zealand who couldn’t
get home for a funeral.
St. Olaf’s choir paid tribute to one of their former teachers by singing
beautifully at the funeral of Mary Larkin.

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