• on 3rd January, 2018

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 3rd January, 2018

‘How did Christmas go so quickly?” – The question so many children ask… a
different perspective perhaps than many parents.

In the Parish, Advent and Christmas were times of huge participation in
the liturgies and of great generosity. Both Crosscare and St. Vincent de
Paul sent letters of gratitude for the overwhelming response to their

This Christmas we had an extra Mass on Christmas eve which was also packed.
In fact all the liturgies came to be through the unstinting support of all
our volunteers and ministries. From the preparation and delivery of the
Christmas cards to the maintenance of the church passing through flowers,
decoration, music, rituals, the Advent morning prayer all was done with
such a lovely spirit that truly we can all lament with the Children “How
did Christmas go so quickly?”

On New Year’s Eve we continued our preparation for the World Meeting of
Families with the distribution and explanation of the Icon of the Holy
Family. (Although we ran out of icons we hope to make some more available
in the next few weeks). The beauty of the icon and its prayer was the
subject of much conversation… and of course the mystery of the ‘white
carrots’ has continued to preoccupy many young minds.

Yes 2018 has come upon us as and as a community let us pray for each other
and with each other …. after all the Parish is a family of families.

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