• on 2nd December, 2016

The Week That Was @ Balally: 2ndDecember 2016

*Extraordinary things were going on in the Parish over the last week.
Faithful to the long tradition the Advent prayer team has continued to
prepare beautiful morning liturgy for this time of waiting. They brave the
elements and are in place in the Church at 7.00 am. The whole community is
remembered in prayer.*

*On Wednesday and Thursday nights there were children in the Parish from
Queen of Angels and St. Olaf’s schools. They were present for the ceremony
of light whereby the parents hand over the baptismal candle to each one as
a step towards their confirmation. They also renew their baptismal promises
and make solemn promises relating to the consumption of drugs and alcohol.
It is a very solemn occasion and we have to thank the dedication of the
teachers who have the children so well prepared. *

*Of course everyone will have noticed some very striking elements around
the Church. The banner of the Year of Mercy has been retired from its
prominent place; and it must be said the Church does look a little stark
without it. On the other hand a most beautiful Advent Wreath has been put
into place with its first candle lit at every Mass. How many candles are
there in the wreath? How many colours ..? What do they mean? *

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