ECO-Parish Guide: Bringing Laudato Si’ To Life

Courtesy of William Patenaude, CATHOLIC ECOLOGY It’s been a year since the release of Pope Francis’ blockbuster eco-encyclical Laudato Si’. Since then there’s been lots of talk about it. Now thanks to a group of international Catholic ecologists, parishes everywhere can take concrete steps to live Laudato Si’— and in the process save money, foster healthier...

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Geraldine’s Green Top Tip Of The Week

This week spend an entire day being super aware of the waste that you may be adding to the landfills. Granted we can now recycle a lot more than we once could, but is there another option? When you’re out shopping try to buy loose fruit and veg, and only take one plastic bag to...

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BEG News

Growing up in the 1940s and 1950s most kitchen implements were manual. TV was unheard of, few homes had a telephone and many even had no radio. Electricity was used mostly to provide light. Obviously, consumption of electricity was very low when compared with today. None the less we were very conscious of the need to conserve electricity,...

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