Confession & Reconciliation
Tips on how to prepare for the Sacrement of Confession & Reconcilaition, from Pope Francis, our website of the week, this week, by courtesy of Catholic Herald;
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Why Christmas?
Find out all about the *history *of Christmas, the *story *of Christmas, how Christmas is celebated all around the world and have some *genuine *Christmas fun & activities with your [...]
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Prepare To Be Prepared! Advent 2018
Advent 2018 begins this Sunday. Why not make it a real Christmas to treasure by dedicating some extra time in prayer and reflection? You’ll find beautiful resources including a reflection [...]
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Is Your Smartphone Advent-Aware?
  Is Your Smartphone Advent-Aware? Advent begins on Sunday 2nd December; perhaps it’s time to decorate your most prized possession, your smartphone! Ascension Press have a set of beautiful, artistic [...]
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Freddie Mercury Wrote A Song About Jesus?
Yes, it’s true, he did, way back in 1973. For this story and many more interesting, faith-filled stories, opinions, culture and travel articles please go to our website of the [...]
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Website Of The Week: Word From Rome
Have you ever been to a Bishops’ Synod in the Vatican? Would you like to find out exactly what goes on there? Get an eagle’s eye view of the recent [...]
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Website Of The Week, 13th July, 2018
New Pilgrim Path Website of the Week. We do not know how to pray”, says St Paul, “but the Spirit prays within us, deeper than words”. For the prayer of [...]
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Website Of The Week: 9th December 2016
You must looked at the link of the parish that will be coming to visit us in July 2017 but here is the link again just in case. But [...]
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Website Of The Week: 2nd December 2016
*In July of 2017 we are receiving students from the Parish of SS. Simon and Jude, Pittsburgh. So get on their website and get to know all about them before [...]
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Website Of The Week: 17th November 2016
*This Sunday is the last Sunday of the Year of Mercy so the website of the week has to be;* * * *it contains all the information about what has [...]
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