• on 13th September, 2018

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 13th September, 2018

Five Babies were baptised into the faith on Sunday after the 12.45 Mass.
The Baptism team organises these baptisms by meeting the families and
helping them take this step in the spiritual journey of their children. It
was a lovely ceremony with the participation of the families in the
readings and prayers as well as the carrying of the symbols by the God
Parents. This time two of the beautiful baptismal shawls were over a
hundred years old reminding the congregation of the continuity of faith in
families through the generations “Faith of our Fathers .. and Mothers”
During the week there were meetings between Balally and Sandyford to help
coordinate some of the sacramental programmes. Some of the confirmations
and first communions from Sandyford will be taking place in Balally because
of the size of the groups and the need for a larger space. It is great that
the Church can be used as much as possible for these liturgical events.
There was great debate in the coffee dock of the Pastoral centre on the ins
and outs of the new carpet and the new colours … the pro-carpets
highlighting the cosy feeling and the noise reduction aspect of the carpet
while the anti-carpets emphasised the cleaning challenge and the danger of
coffee spills. A vote will be taken in ten years time… The Popes words in
Ireland were given to those who required them and in the bulletin, the
questions that Archbishop Martin is asking of Parishes were published.

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