• on 15th November, 2017

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 15th November, 2017

What’s going on in this Parish? Well there is a whole lot. Just this week
we had the beautiful Bethany Mass whereby the families of all those who
were buried from this Church during the last 12 months carried forward a
candle of remembrance and placed it before the Altar. This liturgy had been
preceded by a special evening prayer on Thursday which concentrated of
those loved ones passed before us. Leaves were gathered around the memory

Sunday also saw the first of the preparation Masses of the confirmation
children (St. Olaf’s) and they were wonderful as they participated in the
liturgy and made their public commitment to prepare for confirmation.

It was also a week of meetings: A special Team for the World Meeting of
Families had a follow up meeting on Sunday. On Tuesday the Confirmation
Club had their programming meetings and have a lot of surprises in store (
including a Sponsor’s party and a Church Crawl). We also had the Finance
Committee meeting. Many important points were covered. This committee cares
for stewardship of the all the community resources and does a great and
hidden service to the parish.

The Parish Centre organized a new First Aid Course and the first Movie
evening… with popcorn.

Good News: Fr. Peter went on a course titled “Parish Priests for Dummies”
Bad News: He failed the final exam.

P.S. The suggestion box is in place ..

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