• on 2nd November, 2017

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 2nd October, 2017

There is no mid-term break in the Parish …

In fact there is a great busyness around the Church. The Pastoral Centre is
a hub of activity much of it related to the Parish or community. On
Wednesdays we have Hospitality (now running for 25 years) whereby a
fabulous team bring the community together after Mass for a chat, some fun,
light refreshment, a raffle …. And they welcome everyone.

On the Feast of All Saints (a group to which we have contributed a few
members lately) we had our Holy Day Mass schedule, the Altar Society is the
team that look after the opening of the Church, the setting up of the
Masses and the welcoming of the people.

We also had the Reader’s Club for their monthly meeting. This group,
functioning for over a year now, brings young readers together to practice
their participation in the Mass, to enjoy each other’s company and to share

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