• on 17th May, 2019

From Fr. Peter’s Desk: 16th May 2019

This Week: “Peace be with you”

What happens when the confirmations are over? On Thursday and Friday last week we had the confirmations in our two schools. There were photos in last week’s bulletin. But what happens after all the excitement, after all the preparation and rehearsal? Firstly there are the practical details. The whole Church has to be cleaned and made ready for the next liturgy. The volunteers quietly do their jobs, many of them never recognised, never seen. Then teachers, Principals, SNA’s musicians, and all involved have to be fed. It is not just a meal, it is a way of recognising and celebrating the great work that has been done. This year the meals were prepared by the Parish office and the staff of the Parish Centre. And you would not have been better fed in a five star restaurant. Mons Enda Lloyd, who officiated the confirmations, joined us at the meals and enjoyed the food and the conversations. His engagement with the children in the ceremonies was widely praised.

What happens when the confirmations are over, is of course a wider and more important question than just the practical details. What happens to our children? What is the next step in their faith formation? How many will come back to Mass on Sunday? How many will be encouraged to fulfil the promises they have made? These are very important questions. The answer is not given today. However steps are being taken and in fact two parishioners (Kay Hand and Geraldine Kelly) went on a one day course about Youth Ministry and have returned with clearer ideas about how to make the Parish a place for young people to practice their faith. The next step is to form a group who will try and come up with a long term strategy.

The Finance committee had its meeting this week and went through the accounts in detail. The members of this committee help guarantee the best practices in the management of the Parishioner’s money and often give advice to the Parish priest about possible projects, about how best to care for the safety of the people who work in the office and other financial advice.

Fr Lane, Brid and Fr Peter invited Frank Kenna for lunch as a sign of appreciation for the 9 years he worked in the Parish. They also made a small presentation. Frank has been surprised at the invitations and recognition that many individuals and groups have had towards him. But they are just recognition of his willing service.

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