• on 17th April, 2018

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 17th April, 2018

Lent and Easter: FINAL REPORT

The Spiritual Fitness programme Lent 2018.

Families, individuals and friends decided to use the Spiritual Fitness
programme for Lent 2018 as a preparation for the World Meeting of Families.
Some of the ideas were just fabulous….

Some families have commented that it was the most meaningful lent they had
lived together and one group of friends said it had been the ‘nicest’ lent
they had lived.

It was surprising how simple things could mean so much. A group of friends
went to see the movie “Coco” and cried all the way through… 2 of them had
lost parents and were able to share their loss with friends. A few people
went to visit holy places in Ireland and there some very interesting
conversations had around the theme of technology in families. It was also
very edifying to see the Trocaire Boxes being placed around the Cross on
Good Friday as an expression of our contribution to the needs of those who

The aspect of family life was highlighted in the liturgies of Holy Week
especially on Holy Thursday; it was a family that represented the Parish in
the Pro Cathedral and brought back the Holy Oils; in the washing of the
feet different families and different types of families were represented
and it was also a family that prepared the bread for the Eucharist of the
Last Supper.

In general it must be recognized that Holy Week this year was one of the
busiest we’ve had for some time. There were large crowds at all the
liturgies and each liturgy was well coordinated through all the committees
and teams. We can only congratulate all the Parishioners who made this lent
and Easter such a meaningful time in our Parish.

We now have the beautiful time of Easter to celebrate the great joyful
mysteries of our faith. This includes the confirmation of the young members
of our community and the reception of the first communion by the children
of both schools.

We will also have the celebration of our Parish Feast day, Ascension Sunday
(Holy Donut Sunday), Pentecost and other marvellous liturgical feasts.

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