• on 25th June, 2018

From Fr. Peter's Desk: 21st June 2018

Over the last few weeks important
meetings have taken place in the Parish.
The Finance committee reviewed the
financial situation of the parish and set
up a sub-committee to plan the renewal
of the heating and insultation of the Church.
The Baptism team has held several meetings to plan the
enhancement of the Sacrament of Baptism within the Parish.
The trojan work done by this committed team has contributed
to the formulation of a new policy for baptism in the
community. This policy includes new forms and information at
the first contact, a liturgy of welcoming and blessing the week
before the baptism, a Baptismal folder, a visit from the priest
of the Parish and several follow up encounters with the family.
The team, having assisted at several diocesan meetings,
is determined to highlight the importance of Baptism as the
Sacrament of entry and welcome into the Body of Christ.
The Board of Management of the Parish Centre met to review
the mission and vision of the Parish Centre after five years of
functioning. The original foundational documents were used as
points of reference for this conversation. The enormous
contribution of the Centre to Parish life was highlighted and
some ideas for the future were shared and discussed.
The Parish Pastoral Council has also had some very significant
meetings discussing the future of the Parish and changes that
might be required to balance the needs and the resources of the
community. Please watch this space….. …….
There was a lot of activity in preparation for the Parish Trip to
Glendalough… lunches were being pre-eaten; sun cream was
being tested… walking sticks, boots, water, Holy Oils, were all
been packed for the great adventure … the WMOF Balally
P.S…. Did you notice anything different about last weeks
bulletin (there is a prize of an extra bottle of water in
Glendalough for all who spotted the novelty)

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