• on 28th June, 2018

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 27th June, 2018

The Invasion of Glendalough:

First the Vikings, then the Normans and now the ‘Balallyians’ invade

We started with a gentle pilgrimage around the lakes, stopping from time to
time to listen to beauty, reflect on scripture, and enjoy the company of

Then hunger took over and bumper lunches were produced; loaves and wine
were multiplied and divided. It was a spectacular sight: sitting on
blankets, grass, chairs, tables; people shared, laughed and chatted. We
were truly a family of families.

After lunch we visited the monastic city and sang in the 10th century
cathedral (which withstood the experience) we stretched our arms around the
round tower and delved into the mystery of St. Kevin’s kitchen, the deer’s
stone and the monolithic stone Cross which overlooks the
valley. It was truly a reminder that “The world is charged with the
grandeur of God.”

Many were so inspired by the moment that they started singing and didn’t
stop until the bus pulled into Balally.

Glendalough is a beautiful place on any day but it becomes even more
splendid when it is graced by sunlight, by friendship and by the joy of the
people of Balally.

A wonderful day was had by all….

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