From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 23rd May, 2018: Mary Of The Angels

Many have asked me why I have not spoken clearly about the referendum in the church over the last few months. There were several reasons. Firstly, because I wanted the Church to be a prayerful space where people can hear God, hear about God and speak to God. Secondly because I wished that people would become aware of what the Church teaches in the voice of their Shepherds the Bishops; that’s why “Our Common Humanity” was read at all Masses and Archbishop Martin’s letter was made available to all. And lastly, on a very personal note, it is a theme I cannot address without emotion and tears as I was once called to an operation theatre for the delivery of a baby. She was beautiful, she was fully formed, fully human … and I was the only one who saw her lovely eye open and close. I baptized her Mary of the Angels.

Fr. Peter Byrne, 23rd May 2018



“Being pro-life means protecting and loving every human being. There are no second- class humans worthy of less protection and care than others are.”

Bishop Diarmuid Martin.