• on 29th May, 2018

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 29th May, 2018

Art work decorated the Church; choirs came for practices, children
rehearsing and parents preparing… Yes indeed it was the First Holy
Communion celebration of our Parish.

People came from all over Ireland and indeed from further afield to witness
the wonder, the beauty and the innocence of the children receiving the
Eucharist for the first time.

The list of groups involved highlights the fact that beauty is the product
of hard work. From the DTIM team, the Parish Office, the Stewards, the
Teachers and SNA’s, the choirs, the Flower Team, the Altar Society, the
Maintenance Team and many other individuals. (Indeed the word liturgy means
“the sacred work of the people”.)

Congratulations to all who continue to fulfil the duties arising from their

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