• on 27th March, 2018

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 27th March, 2018

The Suggestion Box strikes again 3:

Dear Parishioners another 12 suggestions and notes were placed in the
suggestion box One was accompanied with a photograph and one was a thank
you note.
Before responding we would like to explain how the suggestions are dealt
2 people (not clergy) from the PPC* open the box, they review the
suggestions to ascertain if any should require immediate attention. The
suggestions are then indexed and placed in a folder. At the next meeting
each suggestion is read out and commented upon; if the suggestions are of a
similar nature they are grouped together (for example this time we had 3
suggestions about the shaking of hands) and courses of action, if
appropriate are decided upon. The answers are published in the bulletin.

The Sign of Peace: The invitation to offer a sign of Peace is an invitation
not an obligation and the sign of peace may be offered through a hand
shake, a bow in the direction of the person beside us (with the words
‘Peace be with you’) or another culturally adequate gesture. So anyone
uncomfortable with the shaking of hands can choose another gesture.
Ministers doing several ministries: The question gave rise to several
initiatives. One of them is to have a ministry sign-up day on the next
Vocations Sunday. On a deeper level a member of the PPC commented that
everyone should feel called to participate in some way in the different
ministries in the Parish … there are about 50 different forms of
participation in the Parish. A form will be made available so that anyone
can sign up at any time.
The Loop System The effectiveness of the Loop was questioned (hearing aid
friendly sound). Though we recently verified the functioning of the sound
system the Loop System will be given a service.
Remembering the Dead: a photograph of how other churches remember their
dead was left in the suggestion box. We will put it on the list of
upgrading that we are preparing for the Church. It is a long list and some
of the items are expensive (porches, insulation, lighting) but we will get
to them little by little.
Evening Mass at the Weekend: The moving of the evening Mass was the result
of a consultation process within the Parish as well as negotiations with
Sandyford Parish. We were trying to think as a cluster whereby 2 parishes
share their recourses and time tables. The outcome was to offer 7 weekend
Masses to the Parishioners that include an evening Masses in Sandyford
Saturday and at 18.00. This theme lead the PPC to consider the future of
the Parish and how we might address the lack of clergy.
Liturgy and prayer . It was proposed that the Parish team pray together
every day. The introduction of some prayers in Latin was also suggested as
was the holding of novenas, Missions etc. A conference on Death was also
proposed. These items will be addressed to the liturgy committee.
The Pastoral Centre: It was suggested that a review of the Mission of the
Pastoral centre should be undertaken. This suggestion was referred to the
Board of Management.

*Parish Pastoral Council

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