• on 30th May, 2017

From Fr. Peter's Desk: 30th May, 2017

Sunday was our Parish feast day, the day of the Ascension.

The Parish was named of the Ascension by the Archbishop of Dublin when the
parish was founded in 1977 and the Church dedicated in 1982. This means
that the Parish should always celebrate this feast day in a *special* way.
We did it this year with three beautiful Masses followed by get-togethers
in the Parish centre where tea and Holy-Holey-Wholey Donuts were had by all.

The Holy donuts are the food of the day as they remind us of the shape of
our church (and of the hole in the roof which was our faithful companion
for many years). There was a great buzz .. and the* ten-o-clockers* ate
most of the donuts.

In the afternoon the extended choir and the Leinster Orchestra offered
some *excellent* musical pieces. We are so blessed to have so much talent
around us …

On the Saturday before that, know as the *Saturday of the Great Rain*, our
Parish was able to host the First Communions for Holy Trinity National
School. The excellent work of the stewards, the Eucharistic ministers and
the Altar society made it possible to welcome a huge crowd and solve all
the problems that the bad weather threw at us. In these events we see how
the Parishes of Sandyford and Balally can *help one anothe*r and how the
*integration* of the two communities is evolving.

During the week a special liturgy committee meeting was held to prepare Fr.
Lane’s 50th anniversary Mass on the 9th of June. While the whole evening
will be special Fr. Lane and the committee wanted to give special care and
attention to the liturgy and make it a *memorable* community celebration.

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