• on 31st August, 2018

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 31st August, 2018

The Parish informs, with notes and photographs, of its
participation in the recent historic events Guests were
hosted in the Parish from different countries including Guatemala,
Mexico, England, Japan and Czech Republic. In spite of the logistic
and linguistic challenges this was a true participation in the spirt of
the World Meeting of Families. Other members of the Parish
contributed by transporting or helping to feed our guests. Several
parishioners volunteered in the WMOF and were present in the RDS,
Croke Park and in the Phoenix Park. Choir members and Eucharistic
Ministers also participated in the final Mass. We had a special
dinner reception for the Guests in the Parish Centre on Tuesday 21st
August. That was the same day that many did the “Camino” of the
seven Churches. We also had a special fiesta on Friday 24th. The Par-
ish was represented by the PPC and Liturgical groups There was a
BBQ and music, singing and dancing. A lovely meeting of people
with different languages but sharing the same faith. In Croke Park on
Saturday evening we were represented by two families, many other
parishioners were present at this lovely event.. (and some threatened
to stay for the all-Ireland Final) On Sunday 26th and in spite of the
weather 2 buses of Parishioners went to the Phoenix Park to be
present at the Popes Mass. Another 30 parishioners saw the Pope’s
Mass in the comfort of the Parish Centre. We established a spiritual
bond with those people who visited us and they will remain in our
hearts and prayers as they travel back to Guatemala, Mexico etc.
Congratulations to all the many people who have
generously given time and talents to this special occasion. As always
these events require a lot of preparation and planning and oftentimes
people participate in hidden, technical or behind the scenes roles.
Thank you to all.

Over the next few weeks we will reflect on the words of Pope
Francis and see what they might mean for us a parish community.

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