• on 31st January, 2019

From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 31st January, 2019

Catholic Schools Week was celebrated in the Parish at the 10.00 Mass where
the children of confirmation and communion classes participated by
reflecting on the importance of names and what the name Christian means.
They helped each other in the prayers of the faithful, bringing up the
gifts and giving the communion reflection. The family Mass team the Do This
in Memory team and teachers and schools did a great job.

It was also a week whereby the new website presentation went live; fruit
of the work of a very dedicated team and the input of parishioners.

The Board of Management of the Parish Centre had their meeting to analyse
the accounts and to approve continued upgrading of the centre and debate
suggestions made by the finance committee. All this work is done in the
back ground by parishioners who donate their time and talents to the
ongoing life of the Parish.

Informal meetings were held on the theme of the this year’s Lenten and
great ideas are developing to form the Spiritual Fitness Programme for Lent
… soon to be published.

*Pope Francis* has been in Panama meeting with young people and encouraging
them to live their faith. He has some beautiful reflections; here is just

“We can ask: What keeps us united? Why are we united? What prompts us to
encounter each other? The certainty of knowing that we have been loved with
a profound love that we neither can nor want to keep quiet about a love
that challenges us to respond in the same way: with love. It is the love of
Christ that urges us on (cf. 2 Cor 5:14).”

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