• on 3rd October, 2017

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 3rd October, 2017: 'Twas a powerful week

‘Twas a powerful week.

The Parish was well represented at the gatherings to prepare the World
Meeting of Families (21-26th August 2018). The 15 parishioners took home
the excellent materials and the infectious enthusiasm that Martin Kennedy
gave us, free of charge, for the upcoming event and the arrival of Pope
Francis. Here’s some photos of the Balally contingent;



It was also the week of the first DTIM enrolment. The candidates and the
families from St. Olaf’s, accompanied by an excellent choir, took the first
steps towards
their Holy Communion. There is a great team on board this year.

The Sunday liturgies were also graced by the contribution of BEG (Balally
Environmental Group) who through symbols, words and prayers highlighted
Time and even had a little reminder for everyone in the community. (p.s.
Don’t miss the beautiful poster they have in the Church).

The Parish Team headed off to Bray on Monday for the Deanery meeting; this
time chaired by Mons. Dermot Lane. The Deanery organizes neighbouring
parishes into a unit and shares ideas and initiatives. It is very
interesting to see and hear what other parishes are doing (and sometimes
borrow their ideas). It is also a forum for discussion and reporting back
to the Archbishop about local issues.

The Board of Management of the Pastoral Centre had the meeting that
corresponds to September. Again it is extraordinary to see the commitment
of so
many people in the parish in these voluntary roles as they seek to uphold
the ethos, traditions and culture of the Parish as well as overseeing
safety, finance and many other issues.

The Parish Pastoral Council also had its meeting and will be reporting to
the Parish at a later date. The Pastoral Council advises the parish team on
the direction of the Parish and also reports to the team the concerns and
suggestions of the parishioners. Over the years it is the PPC that has
guided the Parish in its major

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