• on 4th December, 2018

From Fr. Peter's Desk, 4th December, 2018

The Do This in Memory Team had all the sheep ready for the 10.00 Mass but
before the children brought them forward the Advent Candle had to be lit,
the first figures had to be placed on the Jesse tree and the Altar had to
be dressed in its advent purple colours. Yes indeed it is a busy time, a
wonderful time of year. The Children will be invited to move their sheep
closer to Bethlehem every Sunday of Advent.

And the great surprise .. the Family Mass Choir have come together to sing
at the Advent and Christmas Masses, the singing really contributed to the
beauty of the liturgy and we realised how much we missed them.

The Choir is getting ready for the Carol Service, a special team is
preparing Jam, Jelly and other favourite things for the Cake and Jam sale.
The Altar society , the Liturgy Team and the Parish Team are preparing the
Church, Cards are being written and meetings are been met…

On Saturday the last meeting of those involved in the World Meeting of
Families took place to review and comment on what was a year of events and
reflection. A special report is being prepared for the Parish.

The Communications Team has had several meetings to accelerate the
updating of the parish Website. The team is also developing a Parish Logo
and have mused over several suggestions. On Sunday the team organised the
taking of photographs in the Church and even flew a drone over the Parish …
hopefully everyone had the top of their heads in perfect conditions. You
will see all this on the website soon.

Fr Lane sends his regards from Berkley and has written an article for the
bulletin (it will be included over the next few weeks) and the website.


Many thanks for all those who brought food and house items to the Church on Sunday for Crosscare. All this generosity really puts Christ back into Christmas.

*Secret Information:*

Every Morning for the last week the pitter-patter of a group of
Parishioners has been heard early on the roads leading to the Parish as
they gather to sanctify the Advent time with prayer and music and silence.
The Church is just so marvellous at 7.00 am and embraces them with quiet
light and friendly dawn. It’s as if the Lord says “good to see you” There
is a beautiful silence that invites everyone to whisper. No one wants to
break the spell or wake all those who are asleep in our community. And
then some reflective music is played… powerful silence, then a reading,
prayers for so many intentions, another piece of music and then everyone
has to get back to their busy lives but all have been gently touched by the
word of God and are indeed in Advent; waiting, preparing, longing for the
Child Saviour to be among us.

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