From Fr. Peter’s Desk, 9th May, 2018

The extended Parish Choir has been preparing itself for the upcoming
concert on Ascension Sunday, practices and more practices… and they were
good already.

The first steps in the implementation of data protection laws were taken
through the meetings with those who come on a regular basis to weekday
Mass. The Parish office is bracing itself for all the work this law implies.

Sunday was a lovely day and there was a lot going on as well as the all
important Sunday liturgies.

Whistle-Blower was on sale after Masses on Sunday in anticipation for the
conversations Fr Padraig will have on the eight amendment. Hie e-book is
also available for purchase here;

The Parish also recognised the retirement of Colm Cahill our Paper Man for
many years and much appreciated in the parish; a presentation was made on
behalf of us all (and a cake received summary execution)