• on 10th June, 2016

From The Pastor's Desk: 9th June 2016

The combined Welsh choirs delivered a lovely evening last Saturday in

the Parish and also helped to raise funds for the roof restoration fund. There

was a lot of activity around the Parish centre as many of the teams prepared

for the Parish Party. Heavy work was being done on the gardens at the back

of the Church, a space that hopefully can be used more often after its

upgrade. Again it is has to be recognised that many volunteers quietly and

generously give of their talents and their time to maintain the Parish.

While the beginning of exam season was made obvious by the good

weather and by the increase in candles been lit in the Church it was also

recognised in special prayers at the Sunday Masses. It is always interesting to

hear on Sundays how the needs of the Parish and of the nation are

interwoven into the prayers of the faithful thanks to the dedication of the

liturgy team.

Several parishioners went to the Pro Cathedral on Saturday to be

present at the ordination to the diaconate of 7 candidates. They will be now

serving in different parishes around Dublin. This Permanent Diaconate,

besides helping to answer the growing shortage of priests in the diocese, also

reminds us of how the Church can find solutions to its challenges with a little

bit of imagination, a dash of courage and a helping of history. The Permanent

Diaconate was a feature of the Church during the first five centuries of its

history but after having been lost for almost 1500 years its restoration began

in the Nazi concentration camps and was officially reintroduced by the

Second Vatican Council.

Funny … not so funny:

“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an

engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” Bill Gates

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.”


Did you ever hear the like?

“Vacations are always happy if you bring your biggest smile, your best self and your

own sunshine”

– Saint Alguien

Here is a website that tells a brief history of the Permanent Diaconate … you might

be thinking of someone who may be interested in serving the church in this way


We will also include again the websites where you can inform yourself about Mass

times in all the countries of the world. Very helpful for those who will travel this

summer… looking for a bit of rain somewhere foreign.

As you would never like to miss your Sunday Mass and would love to participate in

a local catholic community wherever you are travelling this is the website for you:


As you can see, Masses in the most distant and remote places … and even in exotic

places like Kilkenny and Katmandu.

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