• on 14th May, 2020

Mass Readings And Homily: 14th May 2020

Father Peter reads today’s Word of God and gives his homily on the moment of global communion in the Mass which brings together all people, all over the world….via Jimmy Finnegan!


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  1. Jimmy Finnegan must have been one great thinker! How on earth did T.C Murphy keep up with him!!

    1. Marion, There was NO stopping Jimmy Finnegan! God Bless you and your family.

  2. Caitríona Uí Chatháin

    A Athair dhil, I was delighted to see this up on website as we didn’t see Mass from Balally on that day. This could be a valuable resource for people if it could be done more often.

    A question about something you mentioned another day ie that the water added to wine represents us. Is there a connection between the drop of water put into the wine at Mass and the blood and water which flowed from the side of Christ on the cross. What is the symbolism of the account in the Gospel?

    Another question. Icons frequently show Christ with his fourth finger touching his first and I have seen priests doing this at Mass. Is it a symbol of the Trinity?

    Keep up the good work.


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