• on 22nd September, 2019

From Father Peter’s Desk: 22nd September 2019

On Sunday, the Finance Committee made the accounts available to the Parish and had two sessions where questions  could be answered, as the details of the accounts were revealed. The event also raised awareness of the many volunteers who are involved (the Finance Committee, the Stewards, Counters and Collectors, the Parish Office …) in the administration of the generosity of the parishioners.


The committee highlighted that the 400 Club, the Family Offering, the Bingo and the filling out of the tax CHY3 forms are the sources of income that maintain the Parish. Several people expressed amazement that through the filling out of the Tax form the Parish was able to receive a 35,000 euro tax rebate.


The final touches for the Lazy Christian Pilgrimage of London were put in place. People were seen around the Parish taking laziness crash courses. People were investigating Tyburn and its importance in the history of the Irish Church and the martyrdom of Oliver Plunkett.


There was also a lot of interest in the protest against complacency in climate change. People who have never been involved in protests were signing up for the marches in Dundrum and Merrion Square.

The Special Youth task force had another exploratory meeting around the concern of how to involve youth in the Parish and how to transmit the faith to young people.

The roof of the Parish Centre was fixed after leaks were detected; the streaming services have been restored, while the new, special needs parking places were installed at the Wedgewood side of the Church.

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