• on 21st October, 2016

From The Pastor's Desk: 21st October 2016

This Week:

Again another busy time in the Parish. You can see all the teams working in their different ministries, from the Prayer groups to the Liturgy teams, the Flower arrangers, choirs and all the other groups who keep the Parish so lively.

Other events that occurred this week were:

On Saturday Rosemary Lavelle gave a wonderful course on Liturgy. She explained how Liturgy forms the community and encouraged us to continue to have uplifting Masses. Participating were members from the Family Mass team, the Altar Society, the Choir, the Readers and the Eucharistic Ministers, the PPC, the Parish team, the Liturgy team and the Baptism team, amongst others.

The Bethany group met with the Funeral Team to prepare the special Mass for the 13th November to remember all who have died in the Parish over the year. Some of the parents of the first communion children met to prepare the next DTIM mass. It is wonderful to see the parents so involved in the sacramental journey of their children.
It was officially announced that Fr. Gerry Moore is moving to Pius X parish as Administrator. We congratulate him on his new appointment, thank him for the talents he has brought to the Sandyford/Balally Parishes and wish him all the best in his new Parish.

Questions that make you laugh:

If you don’t pay your exorcist, do you get repossessed?

Francis Frase:

“We cannot know the Lord without this habit of worship, to worship in silence, adoration. If I am not mistaken, I believe that this prayer of adoration is the least known by us, it’s the one that we do least. Allow me to say this, waste time in front of the Lord, in front of the mystery of Jesus Christ. Worship him. There in silence, the silence of adoration. He is the Saviour and I worship Him.”

Pope Francis, Mass on Thursday.

Never heard Better:

“Mistakes can’t be undone … but they can be forgiven”


Website of the Week… WOW

Several members of the community have asked for websites where they could read a bit more about the scripture and the importance of the Bible. Here are some interesting websites and a few tasters: This website gives a basic introduction to the Sacred Sciptures


This website give some facts and details about the bible;


You can always trust the American Bishops to give a concise introduction to important themes. This article is taken form the Bishops website:


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