• on 13th October, 2016

The Return Of The Man Who Never Went Away!

*The Ebulletin is Back:*

*So many things going on in the Parish over the last few weeks. The
Hospitality is back, the 400 Club is ongoing, the Bingo celebrated 40 years
of great and dedicated work.*

*As well as these permanent events we had the enrolment ceremonies for the
first communion children which took place with great participation from
the families and great dedication from the teachers. We also had the
Parish Pastoral Council meeting (the outcomes will be published on the
Parish Bulletin) This Council represents the faithful and helps to plan for
the future of the Parish as well as overseeing concerns such as child
protection. *

*Of course one year on from the Carrickmines Tragedy we had the anniversary
Mass. With great sadness we heard the names of the 11 victims been read out
by Fr. Derek (Parish Priest of the travelling community). The liturgy was
poignant and beautiful and the Parish, through the many Parish teams, was a
welcoming place for all those who attended.*

*A new plaque was placed on the right hand side of the Church to
commemorate those who died and to inspire hope in those who have survived.
There was a reason why that spot was chosen for the plaque …. can you
spot it?*

*Over the last few weeks we have had some interesting and important
interventions at Mass. The Child Protection representatives reminded us of
our duty to have child safety and protection front and centre of our
concerns in the Parish. One of our younger parishioners came to thank the
Parish for the support he received to go to India and assist some of the
poorest of the poor. We also had 2 young people from the Dublin Diocese
report on the work that is being done in the diocese with young people.
Their enthusiasm was inspiring. *

*While the parish junior choir is also in full swing and is singing at the
Family Mass. The meeting of the “Reader’s Club took place. The Reader’s
club prepares the readers, shares a few reflexions, a few pizzas and a few
games. The coordinators can be reached at the email **arighoa@gmail.com

*Never heard better:*

*“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion” Paulo Coehlo*


How come you never hear about *gruntled *employees?

*WOW .. Website of the week…*

*Now that the Pope has highlighted the theme of youth in the Church why
don’t you go onto this link below and see do you agree or is there things
that need to be added?*



*POPE FRANCIS has declared that the next Synod of the Church will be
about **“Young
people, faith and vocational discernment**”… we will update you as more
information becomes available.*

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