• on 9th April, 2019

From Fr. Peter’s Desk: 9th April 2019

This Week: What did Jesus write in the sand?


This was a question that was asked at the scripture course … and we don’t know the answer but it was great to have a place to converse and delve into the readings of Palm Sunday. There is only one session left to discover the beauty of the Easter Sunday gospel.


On Sunday at both Masses several brave children of St Olaf’s stood up and made a plea on behalf of Crosscare; they asked for chocolates of all sorts so that they might contribute to others having a happy Easter. There will be other children here on Sunday to pick up the chocolates to hand over to this great charity.

There was also a practice for the Easter Vigil; the three young people who will be baptised went through the liturgy for the first time.


The Parish celebrated the sacrament of the sick at 12.00, with great solemnity and reflective music many of our community came forward to receive the anointing on head and hands. This public celebration reminds us of how many of our sisters and brothers carry in their bodies and souls the hardships of Christ.


The Liturgy Team had a special meeting to prepare the liturgies for Holy Week. The reader’s club also had their meeting and distributed the readings that are to be done over the next few weeks; the high point of all our liturgical efforts. The parish calendar for Holy Week and Easter has been printed in the Parish office and placed in the


Have you noticed that the there is a new building in the Parish grounds? It’s part of our programme of Laudato Si this lent. A special residence for bees and bugs in the wild garden has been installed at the back of the Church. It  was made out of Catherine Fallon’s old locker and her young ideas . Richard Kinsella made it into this 5 story building (planning permission for the high rise was difficult to obtain but the Bees and Bugs homeless commission were very determined that every bee and bug should have a roof… it’s a human right).


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